GOURMAND - Creamy, Baked, Delectable

Think fresh baked bread, golden caramel, buttercream, maple syrup, bittersweet chocolate...

Rosy Rings fragrances are complex blends of many perfume notes layered together. Blended together the notes become more than just a fragrance – they become a memory, an experience, an emotion. Each fragrance is based on a dominant note with many other more subtle notes filling out the composition. The Internet can do many things, but scent... well, not just yet.

To help you select a fragrance without your olfactories we’ve created an easy fragrance key: we call it our Fragrance Highlights. Note the colored circles listed next to the scent. They list the primary notes in a Rosy Rings fragrance. The dominant note is always listed first. You can find our Fragrance Highlights on every Rosy Rings product page too.

The following fragrances contain Creamy, Baked, Delectable Notes.



    Creamy, Baked, Delectable