Allie Liebgott

Allie graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with an MFA in film production. After graduating, she moved to San Francisco and began what would become a wonderful and fulfilling career in the visual arts. From visual merchandising, prop and wardrobe styling to showroom and interior decorating Allie has managed to create a career that encompasses her love of design and fashion. Allie is now based in Denver, Colorado. When she is not making pretty things prettier she can be found spending time with her two sweetie children, hilarious husband, and wonderful friends.








Dennis Wilson

Dennis is a paleo-artist and owner of Pangaea Designs, Inc. He graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1988 with a BFA. His paleo career began at the American Museum of Natural History in New York. His specialty is recreating extinct animals as they might have appeared in life, including fully feathered dinosaurs. A focus on realism and scientific accuracy has made him one of the foremost artists in the field of extinct life reconstruction, with clients including the Smithsonian Institute, National Geographic, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.







John Mueller

John is a commercial free lance photographer based in Denver. He specializes in catalogue, fashion, corporate web site, annual report and product photography. He’s passionate about people and the Colorado lifestyle. When not shooting, John can be found fly fishing on any river or stream in the state.