Pumpkin Farmhouse Oval Botanial Wax Sachet Set

Pumpkin Farmhouse Oval Botanial Wax Sachet Set

A modern farm to table fragrance which combines fresh pumpkin with lush plums and sun baked squash. The fruity notes are deliciously layered with brown sugar and cozy kitchen spices. The result is a fragrance which celebrates the simplicity of farmhouse life.

Each botanical wax sachet is tied with a suede cord and enclosed in a charmingly packaged box. Pretty enough to display, they can also be used to fragrance drawers and closets. Set of two.

Made with: Fresh pumpkin, farm squash, dark plum, black currant, cumin seed, cinnamon bark, brown sugar, Tonka bean, creamy vanilla, essential & high quality fragrance oils, and a proprietary wax blend.

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